10 reasons to choose a holiday villa

When that time of year comes around to booking your holiday vacation one of the first questions you might ask yourself is shall we go for a hotel or a villa holiday?  I can now give you the definitive top 10 reasons to make the wise choice and choose a villa rental.

1) Privacy

It may seem obvious but by renting a holiday villa you and your family have much more privacy than you would do at a hotel.  Many villas have private gardens, gated entrances and private pools which you have all to yourselves and so no need to share with other hotel guests.  Even if the villa does share a pool it will only be with a very select number of villas and this is a good chance for your younger offspring to mingle with people of their own age.  The best of both worlds, I hear you say.

2) Perfect for all groups

There is a school of thought that vacation villa rentals are only really a viable option when you have children.  Not true.  Villas cater to all groups of people.  From a couple wanting a romantic getaway to a large group of golfers wanting a base from where they can improve their game, there are villas available to rent for all groups.

3) Different villas

There is so much choice when it comes to booking a private villa holiday.  Beach villas, mountain villas, golf resort villas, penthouse villas, lakeside villas, the list just goes on and on.

4) Value for money

For many people probably the most important reason.  This is especially applicable for families.  To rent a luxury family villa compared to a luxury hotel for say a family of four, there is really no comparison.  Villa holidays are cheaper.

5) Dining options

Sometimes eating out on holiday can be hard work especially with infants/babies.  By staying at a holiday villa you can eat in or out as much as you want.

6) Staff included

If for example you wanted to rent a luxury villa in Barbados you would find that as well as being value for money you would have staff included in the price.  The majority of Barbados villas have a full time housekeeper and many also include a cook and a laundress service so you really do not need to lift a finger on your holiday.  Many of these housekeepers will then double up as a babysitter for your kids in the evening if needed.  Perfect.  This isn’t exclusive to Barbados and is now a growing trend as villa owners try to entice you to stay at their villa rental.

7) Discounts readily available

Once you have decided to book a villa holiday, whether you are booking through an agent or private villa owner you will find many more discounts available to you compared to hotels.  Owners want their properties used and will (nearly) always offer you a discount of some form.  These discounts can be huge especially if you are looking at going slightly out of peak season.

8) Perfect for special events

Villas are the perfect place to celebrate.  Whether it is for a wedding or a birthday party, a villa is much more personal place to celebrate with loved ones.  If you rent a large villa you can also all stay under the same roof.

9) Choices

There are lots of websites offering villas.  From the villa owners own websites to agent websites offering you a wider choice of villas.  A good point to remember is that the agent’s commission is taken out of the final price and not added on top so you will get a fantastic deal by looking at all the options.  For a personalised villa agency then try Luxury Family Villas.  As well as ensuring the booking process moves along smoothly,  airport transfers can be arranged, car hire, days out and even your grocery’s awaiting your arrival at the villa.

10) And relax

The main reason we all go on holiday?……to relax.  What better way than at your own private villa.